Family-owned brand Araya managed to 10x their return on investment (ROI) in online product sales in literally months, purely with digital performance marketing.

How did a premium feminine care product line skyrocket their revenue and become one of Thailand’s most successful and fastest-growing businesses? Here’s how they did it, and how you can apply this simple approach to your business as well:

Facebook Advertising

Araya’s founders began using Facebook ads over 3 years ago. In just 2 years, they managed to increase their customer base to over 200,000, with over 40% repeat customers with their marketing campaigns.

But like thousands of other businesses that used Facebook marketing, things started going downhill when Facebook started changing how things worked internally. The rapid changes started in 2018 and show no signs of stopping as of 2020.

In short, all ads got more expensive, meaning Araya’s ads were reaching fewer people. The same amount of money was getting fewer results, and they were losing market share and risking invaluable opportunities to grow.

Araya had burned their hands with a few agencies, and eventually reached a point where they could not keep up with Facebook’s algorithm changes enough to make a sustainable profit.

However, they learned a valuable lesson from this pain: to increase sales, you will need an effective marketing strategy that can adapt to any change.

The key here is they acted quickly. They knew they needed a strategy that could bring them measurable results for a strong foundation instead of a hit-or-miss approach.


When we started working with Araya, we applied a results-focused ad strategy that aimed to increase sales by up to 80%. That meant they had to make millions in months, otherwise the investment would be a failure.

But in 5 months’ time, we helped increase their online sales by 184.65%!

The brand had never experienced such growth. Fast-forward to today, Araya has become one of the most successful brands in the country. And even for us as the agency, we cannot take full credit for it.

If Araya had not been as decisive as they were, they would not be where they are today.

Good businesses deserve a fitting strategy that allows them to thrive as the market leader. Araya’s story is an inspiration for us at North Star Digital to keep working hard and keep our clients on the cutting edge, so they can bring their world-changing products to the right consumers.

Aside from investing capital into your products and office expenses, Facebook marketing is a crucial expense for any business. And if you don’t manage it well, there is a high probability that your business will not succeed.”

Nichapa Wachirapong, Manager - | Araya Global Co., Ltd.